October, 2012

October, 2012
October 2012

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Righting a wrong.....I think

Lately Ashley says little things that make me think she may think we have forgotten all about her.  Of course we haven't, but I can see how it could feel that way.  I post pictures of Brooke, Anna, and Ben on Facebook and in this blog.....but no recent pictures of Ashley.  So Monday for Valentine's Day I decided I would go up and take her out to lunch.  I like to see her whenever possible, but with her schedule and mine, it can be difficult.  Most of all though on this visit I wanted to get a few pictures.  So off I go.  I get all ready to take pictures, turn on my camera......no memory card.  Apparently Brooke had borrowed the card and not returned it.  Urgh.  This has bothered me since Monday, so today I thought I would put together this little slideshow for her.  Most of her baby pictures were before digital cameras and of course I have put them all in scrapbooks, but I managed to find one or two and put them in with more recent favorite photos.  The song is one that means a lot to me, it is my "Ashley" song. I hope I don't embarrass her too badly....but then again, that is what moms are for!!!

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  1. We see and hear less of Ashley, too. I really miss her, also.

    It is the day for videos, apparently! And I love the one that you did for Ashely. I love it.