October, 2012

October, 2012
October 2012

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Is it Friday yet?

"Is it Friday yet?" is a commonly used expression. This didn't use to mean a lot to me.  Just another day of the week.  Things have changed though and Friday has taken on a whole new meaning.  I even get mad if someone tries to mess with Friday and this winter that has happened quite a bit!  

Friday has become MY DAY. Well, at least about six hours of it anyway.  On Friday this wonderful angel comes from a caregivers group and takes care of Mom for me.  I see her as an angel, because she makes my day possible. That means that unless the kids are out of school, I have the day all to myself.  This is the day I re-charge my batteries.

By Wednesday I am already talking about Friday, and by Thursday I have usually added a little dance to the talk.  I wonder sometimes if this hurts the kids feelings when I dance around talking about how great Friday is because I get to spend it by myself.  They look at me kind of strangely and Brooke usually rolls her eyes.  

So what is on the agenda for this Friday.....mostly the usual stuff.  I start with a stop at Starbucks, where last week the cute young man at the window said "Hey, it must be Friday!"  Then I will be dropping my car off at the dealership for some warranty work.  Lucky for me, the van won't be ready until Saturday, so I get a loaner car.  I'm kind of hoping the loaner car will be a top of the line Sienna with motorized doors and a sunroof, but I am not usually that lucky.  Most likely, it will be a Camry.  I will make my usual stops at Hobby Lobby and Michael's to check out the crafts and possibly use my weekly 40% off coupons.  Some Friday's I eat with Ashley but since I saw her on Monday for Valentine's Day, I will probably opt for a bagel at Panera.  Then I will probably head over to Barnes and Noble with my Nook to check out the free Friday deals. After that, it will be time to head home so I can get there in time to see those smiling faces hop off the bus.   

This may not sound exciting to some, but to me it is a perfect day.  I never knew how important it was to make time for myself, but I know now it helps me keep a positive outlook the rest of the week.  Jason says that's just the Starbucks talking!

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  1. I just got a Nook today! Explain the free friday deals!!